The intro song, the one song on the record I had the hardest time with. So I'll start with a few simple things. If you're a little bit up to date on the album, or have at least heard some of it, you can tell that the album is about a relationship, from the beginning through acceptance of the breakup. There were some missing songs I ended up skipping over putting in, but it loosely tells that story, albeit from a very specifically personal place. The problem I had was that the intro was maybe (too) personal? 

(btw. its on The Wall-by PF not just on the wall we're leaning on. just an interesting little fact)

Miguel and I were making music in my room and I came up with the guitar part and just started mumbling over it, light us a candle, but your records on. He liked it and so did I. It definitely came straight out of a very specific experience I had, and I just went along with it. We harmonized what you hear on the record and we worked on it from there. 

We played the song at several shows and it always seemed to go alright and we thought nothing of it. There were several different stages of it where it had drums and got loud, but I thought the quieter version was more fitting for an album opener-especially the little looped ebow opening.

It wasn't until Miguel left and I recorded it that I heard from a close friend of mine (the one who mixed the album) that the intro just wasn't that good. I asked lots of friends and I got a pretty hard line on people who hated it and people who loved it. It was either drop it or keep it. 

When we mastered the record I asked Jeff what he thought, and he said no one would make sweeping judgements on my music based on a song called Intro. So I went with it, I kept the beginning of the story, the first kiss night, and I think it does exactly what I thought it would. 

If you don't like it I'm sorry, but I'm sure its not too much to just skip to Middle. 

Elijah Poston