Turkish Silver

Today we got a review on The New Lofi--a blog that I have been dying to be in since I started making the record so it is a big and exciting day for us. I figured I would say a few things about Turkish Silver. There are a lot of images that come to mind for me but most often it is the airport in Seattle and the shuttle ride from downtown to the airport. I see images of the drive from Memphis to Nashville and memories of smoking cigarettes in the cold in Seattle. Here are the lyrics:

eastbound 40 towards Nashville was butterflies and broken wings

you taught me how to mend them goddamnit you taught me everything

westbound connection through Denver, we lost our calm to turbulence 

and i met you at the airport with open arms, a pack of Kamel Reds 



we were careful, always, careful, all ways, careful always, careful all ways


i was on the western side and where were you that day?

i tried so hard to sort it out, but i was so afraid

so lend me your hand and i won't say what i’m about to say. 





i wont go, i won’t stay

i wont go, you can’t stay

you can’t stay

i was on the western side, and where were you that day?





Elijah Poston