Memphis native Elijah Anthony Poston is an American singer-songwriter, and guitarist for Grandpa Grew Trees.

Learning to play music at an early age, Elijah was influenced by bands like The National, Bon Iver, Young Jesus, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and Pity Sex. While living in Memphis, Elijah appeared on and was the music coordinator for the Kidz Do Positive Thingz television show.

Elijah started playing with bands around Memphis with the local punk label Smith7 records. The first band he was in was Hits the Fan, playing guitar from 2008-2011. Elijah later joined the band Wicker playing keyboard, bass and guitar from 2010-2014. In 2012, Elijah joined Memphis native Rebecca Flax in her band 20 Word Exchange playing drums.

After releasing his first EP in 2013, entitled “Here I Am,” Elijah moved to Seattle to attend college at Seattle University, but quickly transferred to New Orleans in 2014vto attend Loyola University New Orleans to study music. Here he met his future bandmate Miguel Pilcher (drums). The two of them became good friends and started making music in the summer of 2015 with Miguel's long time bandmate Griffin Rone (bass). The three of them played their first shows and recorded the beginnings of what would be their first album late in the summer of 2015. 

Elijah’s first album, “Songs for a Recent Lover,”  was released on December 5th on iTunes and Spotify.